Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I am relieved on learning that the main opposition signatory to the peace agreement has vowed that enough was enough and there were not going back to war. I am relieved because this statement has energized my thinking and move towards peaceful solution to the long time uncertainty even after the signing and assurance by the two main principles to the peace agreement made vowed that this time around there is no turning back and peace must be given abundantly to the citizens. I am relieved because even at the UN Security Council meeting much of the on-going peace process was discussed and its positive aspects made known to the delegates which in turn mandated a team to visit this country some this month to see and assess for themselves how the process was taking shape the drum-beat and flutes are all sounding one word of five letters, peace. There is nothing that can stop this process because it has the socio-political will of all key players. Even those who had earlier been hostile are coming back to their senses that this had become a reality and they should not be left behind wondering in the wilderness. They have to join the band-wagon for the move to peace and prosperity. They have to play their role in building this country now and for the future generation who are themselves their children, I am relieved because everywhere l visit or go to, the only word people are asking is when will it take place for the good of the country and the population. They are asking because they are interested in investment and without peace this cannot take place. In our inner circles of like minds, we have taken upon ourselves to drum up the good peace process through our tools of trade which is known worldwide as “a pen and note-book’ although now it is flooded with latest electronic gadgets for the media industry. I can go on walking this talk. On and On, but l am humbled with the fact that all are moving in the right direction and there is nothing that can stop this cause which is supported by all and ourselves. We live in a small world through thin lines that no should underrate and should make maximum use of available time to do something positive that can impact something tangible to someone outside there.  People tend to be very selfish with ideas that can be used collectively to help make two to three steps forward the direction of human need, I am preaching this because we all know and understand where we have come from and where we are going to. We also understand the value associated with human being that goes with it. It is time we are seen as peace maker and keepers of the same in the region and the world-over. Let our history demonstrate our civility and true culture of being one people, one nation.

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