Some security organs are over-doing what is supposed to be normal check and monitoring of the deadly coronavirus in the country. Nowhere in the Presidential order did he say security should go in door to door search of the suspected virus cases, more so at night and particularly when the curfew is on course. The curfew is imposed so people cannot go out and gather in public places to avoid contracting the disease. It is meant to safeguard the good of the citizens. However, some security organs are abusing their offices by over-playing the preventive measures. What is worrying is that some of them are not in uniform and do not show their service identity cards. This kind of practice by those charged with taking care and enforcing law and order borders on corrupt intentions. It should not be allowed. It is also giving the country a bad picture internationally. Let discipline take shape and let the fight against coronavirus not be turned into looting and harassment by some few members of the security forces who are doing so to oil their pockets with what is rightly not theirs. Most targets are foreigners, mostly, legally working and living in the country. The virus is real and all governments around the world are taking precautions to protect their citizens and to prevent the spread of the disease. This country cannot give it a chance although no single case has been reported. This is why the government is taking serious steps to put preventive measures in place, among them deploying security to maintain law and order. It would beat all logics that those who are entrusted with the tasks are the same who are turning it the opposite way to enrich themselves by door to door checks. Security organs must live beyond reproach and do only the right things that would safeguard the interests of all. Not selective application of the laws.

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