Editorial 30th May 2018

Last week the National Ministry of Trade and Industry vowed to ensure sub-standard goods or food items did not find their ways in the country. The first step was to dispatch over 40 well-trained officers at the main entry points to ensure the exercise was carried out diligently. These officers had just completed their professional training, among others, matters of detection and investigation on these important but almost neglected topical matters of protecting the well-being of the local population and the country at large. So far this is encouraging. However, these officers who are charged by protection of both consumable and un-consumable goods should be on the look-out. There are reports that some goods and items coming in the country from some of the neighbouring are sub-standard, expired and or poisoners not fit for human consumption and or use by the public. There are cases of buildings which have collapsed due to sub- standard materials being imported or brought in the country without proper check of their quality for the work. People have fallen sick some died due to the same reason(s). It needs keen supervision to imported items. There are reports that some 400 metric tons of sub-standard sugar rejected and dumped in the Indian Ocean near Mombasa Port were being scooped by some dishonest traders and businessmen for fresh market. One would wonder how condemned and disposed items would be made once again to suit the public consumption requirements. This kind of cheating for self- benefit is dangerous to the general public and must be resisted by all cost even if the money was good. The officers should resist all possible approach to lure for self- gain or from intimidation for the benefit of the larger population they are meant to serve. This is the only way they will do this country and the entire nation justice.


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