Do good, you will be remembered

By Anna Nimiriano

This world is not belonging to us. We are just temporary; one day time will come to everybody to leave the world. The date and time is not known to anybody, it is only God who knows it. The Bible said, God has   kept it a top secret, nobody knows except Him. Should God reveal the secret of dead, some people may start planning of what to do and how their funeral could be conducted.

In developed countries, some individuals prepared their will and suggested options in case he or she dies what the family will do.  In African tradition is different. To some people, when they are reaching to a certain age, they start saying their will to the children and relatives. Like my late mother told me, if she dies, let her body be taken to the village for burial. It was done during the critical time when there was conflict in January 2014. Our veteran journalist, late Alfred Taban is still being remembered by many people. The General public is still coming to Juba Monitor to pay condolences. Yesterday, one of the old men came to me and paid condolences. He said when Alfred died; he was not in the country.

Not only that, it had happened several times, especially those who were out of the country and those who didn’t get time to come during the funeral. When I was in London and other countries I traveled, many people paid condolences to me, asking about the paper. I am sure it would continue for sometimes. Few days ago, the wife of late Alfred Taban, madam Alice Kiden went to Khartoum- Sudan, to attend  funeral prayers of late Alfred Taban, organized by the relatives in Sudan.

According to her, some former staff of Khartoum Monitor happened to attend the prayers at All Saints Cathedral. All these happened, because he had left legacy in Khartoum when he was the Editor in Chief of Khartoum Monitor. Not only that but for the good he did when he was alive. If you do well, when you are alive in this world, you will be remembered forever. If you did badly, you will be remembered also. It is a matter of choice, right from the childhood. How you were brought up by your parents. If you grew in the church, your life will be different from others. You would not do bad things against Bible; you always fear God and forgive people from time to time. As Jesus said, you forgive people 7 X 70 in a day. If all of us are doing that, there would be no conflict or misunderstanding in the world. Certainly, if you are not Christians, you cannot understand it well. Let us do good so that we will be remembered forever and others will follow our foot steps.

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