Do good, you will be remembered

By: Anna Nimiriano

This topic is reminding us of our life in this world when we are still active. Do services to ourselves, family and the country. If you are doing well in the above mentioned areas, people will remember you in many places if you die. In many funeral prayers, people give speeches and the relatives of the late give brief or complete biography of the dead. For people to know the history and life of the late when he was alive.

In most cases people talk about the positive way on what the person did in the family, community and the country at large. It is not easy to talk on the biography of a person who is dear to you. Last Friday the funeral prayers of late Swaka Philip was conducted, many people attended because of what I mentioned above. He was a member of parliament in Jubek state Legislative Assembly.

He contributed a lot in the development of the state and not a corrupt person. His records were clean in any position he held in Juba and Khartoum/Sudan. Some people were known with the issue of corruption and other bad things they did, for example they were involved in the case of killing and others. Especially during the conflict periods, for late Swaka his file was clean. Nobody talked about bad things he did. It has given good name to his family and relatives in the state. The Deputy Governor of Jubek State on that day delivered the message of the Governor Augustino Jadala to the people gartered and said the death of late Swaka should bring unity among the people of Jubek state, for the reason that they are not living as people of one state. If there is unity, people would progress and do a lot of things in the state.

The positive sign was that since late Swaka died, people shown their togetherness right from day one up to the last funeral prayers. That was the sign of a good leader in the state.  Let us do well so that when we died we would be remembered for the life that we lived. 

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