Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

The doctors union and frontline health workers did this country a noble thing which should be emulated by other essential service providers. Against all odds, they decided to call off the planed nationwide strike which would have paralyzed the much needed health services in all parts of the country. They stood by their oath of office or saving life first and others including money follows. The doctors were to strike following the unfortunate killing of their own who was going about his professional business in one of the rural clinic. He was murdered although the investigations are on-going sure the medics did not want to add “salt to injuries”, they stood up and took to their work of saving life. The frontline health workers who had threatened to strike over unpaid incentives running into nine months, also called their strike off after considering their role in providing services to the sick. The action of the two bodies seems related but one thing came out very clear. The patriotism of the nation is within them. They know the limit to go or walk. They had to sit, think and draw a line between life and money. They chose the latter and are now going on with their work. Reasoning is power and those can articulate them properly are well placed in comfort zone. Reasoning is so powerful that it leads to dialogue. Reasoning brings peace home and in the family. Reasoning makes one come closer to a hostile situation. Reasoning makes enemies sit around the table to discuss and it makes life so free that one feel like a new born baby who do not have any worries in the world well aware that there are people to take care of him/her. I need not to go on to drum home what reasoning can do, but going by the action of the medics, there are all indications that a number of professional institutions have started behaving maturely and reasoning their ways to reach their goals.For the love of a situation one needs not to be forced or directed. It is the inner feeling that should be able to take the lead and direct one to the loving path that would determine a destination. All are possible just within you and nobody else. This is why the medics deserve a kudos for making a blunt move to save the sick instead of opting for a strike. This will have a bargaining power and support from the general public for being upright and candid coined by their professional ethics. Others should follow and give service delivery a priority over the rest of the things that are proclaimed for human ego or needs. Those who do good to others have rewards that are so special and only come from above. A person’s character is seen and judged by the behaviour. One does not need to dig deeper to get to know a friend and an enemy.

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