DJ Moh celebrates ten years of music mix

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Ugandan Disco Jokey (DJ) Sekabira Musa alia Moze is celebrating ten years of music mix for his Juba-based music maniacs.

The celebration that is set to take place today at Ugandan Music hot spot famously known as Gukina Bar will see Dj Moze play music all night long.

Moze told Juba Monitor that he is aspiring to reach a greater heights playing the existing recorded music to live audience.

“As I celebrate my ten years in the music world, it should be noted that I have spent six years playing in Juba and am looking for more years to play my role to the country’s music industry. I also want to take this Opportunity to request all music lovers to keep up the support they have been giving me to work hard,” said Dj Moze.

“The Djing journey has just started and my fans should expect Dj Moze’s mixtapes of South Sudanese and African music coming soon,” Dj Moze added.

To Dj Moze who came to South Sudan in 2013, the six-year journey of mixing music hits in the Africa’s youngest nation has opened a motivational chapter.

The ten years’ journey has had ups and downs but Dj Moze revealed that it’s hard work and creativity that have kept him going in the industry.

Many will talk of greatest achievements in life as per their career but according to Dj Moze who has managed to buy a car and build a house from the industry, the journey has just started.

Dj Moze also revealed that he is training five South Sudanese on DJ skills as a way of empowering them to be self-reliant.

It is not only DJ that Moze does, he is also a sound technician and event planner.

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