Dj Madengo in adebut with Radio and Weasel

South Sudanese artist based in Australia commonly known for series of gigs has dropped his latest debut with the good life duo, Radio and Weasel.

The song entitled; “There she go,” is a love song that talks about a beautiful gal who comes your way and leaves you speechless.

“We are all sometimes driven by love at first sight and you would be like, wow! There she goes. And that is how the title of the song came about.”

“It is basically a love song with a modern multi-cultural touch of both South Sudanese and Ugandan feelings,” Madengo said.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Moses Sekibogo (Radio) said music is something that can promote unity among people of different cultures.

“It is a great pleasure to do a song with one of the South Sudanese internationally respected Dj and artist. It is also an opportunity for us as the Good Life to expand our fans base to the South Sudanese community through this song,” Radio said.

Madengo is a famous Dj based in Australia and best known for uniting the South Sudanese communities together through parties.


By Mandela Nelson Denis

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