Divine Mercy Action orphanage gets food items, stationaries from Ezra Group

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

Ezra group of companies has donated assorted items including food stuff, cloths and stationaries to Divine Mercy Action Orphanage yesterday.

The orphanage which house up to 72 children from different states is located in Kapurion the outskirt of Juba City.

Laat Yusuf, one of the children at Divine Mercy Action Home said that he thanked God for sending Ezra Company to stand with them in their residency.

He said the orphanage kept children from different parts of South Sudan as some of them are from NorthernBhar el Ghazal, Eastern Equatoria and Central Equatoria among others.

Laat added that even though they are orphans, they had hope that they would do something in future and though some of them didn’t have parent and some of them have parents but lack responsibility,”

On his part,the Orphanage Director,Paulino Tipo,said that it was not the fault of the children as by then they still found them homeless.

Tipo stressed that asa society, they had to decide to make a home for the orphans to help them, and most especially as for them the religious leaders they see such things sensitive.

“We had 72 children here with us in the orphanage, but the number currently has reduced to 68 because some of these children were not used to staying here but even though, we also see that the major reason behind this is because we lack real facilities that would keep them busy inside here, like we have only one TV here which means, it’s not enough to keep them,

“I believe if we had most of their needs, they wouldn’t leave, though some came back after comparing the lives outside and here different, but we are grateful to God that some of them are now used and settled with us,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Evelyn Mululu, Ezra Group representative said that they had welcomed the songs that children had sung for them and they were also very happy as Ezra Family to be part of them.

Mululu mentioned that they visited the orphanage to share with them thejoy and happiness.

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