Disunity is a chance for enemies

By: Akol Arop Akol

We are learning from the suffering we have gone through. We still talk and confront one another just for simple issues that we can humble ourselves for and say sorry.

It has become hard for politicians to forgive one another and also apologize to the people (civilians) for the wars they fought that affected them for long.

Let it be in our minds, that no one walks alone and succeeds if he is following a mission for the country at large. Here goes a story;

Once a frog lived in a swampland and nearby lived a mouse in a hole. They were good friends but one day they had a serious dispute. Both of them claimed to be the owner of the swampland.

The frog was stronger than the mouse but the mouse was very clever. He hid himself under the grass, attacked the frog and harmed him a lot.

The frog, seeing this, decided to put an end to the dispute and challenged the mouse for a clash. Without any hesitation, the mouse accepted the challenge.

Both armed themselves with a point of reed to use it like a spear. Either of them was sure of their victory.

When they were about to start fighting, a hawk came there flying. Hovering in the sky, she saw the animals ready for a battle. So, she swooped down, caught them both in her claws and carried them away to feed her young ones. The same thing will occur in South Sudan. As we are fighting someone will impose his powers on us. This comes in form of sanctions and secret smuggling of resources out of the country.

Our disunity as South Sudanese has affected our country and we are still not aware that whenever we are fighting there are people benefiting. Imagine if weapons are being bought, it means there is someone having market to sell his guns, someone who has seen the crisis came with his goods and services and provide them expensively.

When people are fighting, there is destruction of little infrastructures and death of people. As there are no enough facilities and due to insecurity and crisis affecting every family, people are so traumatized.

Some people could not get something to eat daily therefore; they mind less of their health. There are common diseases like malaria and so forth, when someone gets sick he or she may not afford medication because they are financially unstable.

Some foreigners came and opened their hospitals, pharmacies and local clinics. They sell medicines at the prices they want and no one is ready to regulate them.

People doing water business are foreigners who drain water just from the River Nile yet it is expensive for the households to fill their tanks every day.

South Sudanese from wherever they are should think that war is not the solution.

The fact that we got independence means we have the power and ability to build a nation that can join modern world of strong politics,  freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of participation in country’s affairs.

The first that should have been prioritized is education. There should be education for teenagers and adults such that they literally understand themselves, their interactions with others and to appreciate values of life, respect diversity and know the citizen’s roles and rights in the country.

We have not done that, it is the culture of bragging that ‘am a son of Minister X, am the daughter of Tycoon Y and In-law of General Z that brings division among us.

The show-off about where you come from and what you have does not help us in any positive way but instead divides us ethnically and politically. 

As we hate and fight one another, some individuals with personal interests are getting their chances to benefit from our resources.

They are getting chances of selling their war weapons for killing ourselves.  So don’t be surprised if agreements fail again and again, it is because someone who doesn’t know the origin of the problem cannot design the final destination just like the way a person treating the wound doesn’t know the pain the patient feels.

The choice is ours to continue fighting or start uniting ourselves.  No matter how far we are in terms of politics, education or economic stability, our unity is our strength.  We can strive to win. Do not be that weak to solve your problems. Let’s unite ourselves.

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