Distortion of our culture

By Akol Arop Akol

All creatures have their cultures both on Earth’s surface, in water and air. Birds flock together; wild animals move with their likes but do humans do it better?

Do we all preserve, respect and practice the customs and taboos of our culture? It is rare and not usually displayed in a way that young ones can admire and inherit to make it something they are proud of. Instead, they are left untaught and the only thing they do is to deny their original backgrounds.

It seems like they feel shameful to practice traditional values, but only decided to be influenced by other strange habits of disingenuous cultures.

A big part of our culture is gone; it is destroyed completely due to invasion of the generation by negative modern lifestyles. The culture is mixed and confused with the rest unknowingly or rejected slowly and now, we have seen the biggest part of it has got spoiled. Our culture vanished and all the values have perished, we have left our own social cultures and adopted strange things.

These cultures are dangerous for our young ones but where do they learn about their origins? Where in the South Sudan do young ones see historical or ancestral fossils? They should be taught at home and cultural places.

Is Nyakuron chosen as the place where young people go and learn our culture or foreign culture? Do we call it a cultural center, Pictorial center? Courtship center, events center, church center, wedding center, Cliques center? Or drinking center? Most of these activities are being done there, but the complaint is that things promoting South Sudan’s culture are rarely organized.

In order to break down these questions down, the target is to know the real meaning of a place designed for culture. And accordingly, this place is considered as a national cultural center.

So which culture and whose culture? It has a different meaning, this becomes an events center. The sign of a culture I have seen there are the drawn pictures of wrestlers, cattle keepers etc. on the wall. They are seen attractive but are they in practice?

The biggest problem is turning all places for modern styling. The only numerous places established are used as clubs and shopping centers. Though having this sector is not too bad, the doubt is the loss of true meaning and usage.

We have no clubs in our cultures. Our ancestors were organized though not modernized.

Civilization keeps changing people which is a good move but negatively those who misuse it fall into a category of victims. And this affects the young people who are coping up with a new life. But due to overuse and misconception, it is leading them to mental and physical destruction.

In order to rescue and show them a right moral path of life, there should be cultural center where they could find historical things. And get to learn different customs, taboos and plays like cultural dances.

But now it is only the mob ones who use the places for their leisure and following wrong cultures. In South Sudan culture, young ones of below 12 years old are not given a chance to attend ceremonies like wedding, graduation or any other celebration along with parents. But I wonder how they are again allowed to move alone to the clubs.

It shows they are given too much freedom of dressing, drinking and clubbing.

Now imagine if official places like Nyakuron Cultural Centre are being used as clubs for mob activities like parties where boys end up fighting themselves with pangas and hammers yet it is a called a cultural place, is it perfect to allow that behavior while world’s different people go to these kind of places to see? Is it fine for the parents to allow their girls to put clothes that bear some nakedness in public? And to be said whose son or daughter?

They are rightfully supposed to enjoy freedom of organizing parties for courtship and leisure, but it should be minimized and teenagers must be controlled from lingering at wrong time in dirt corners. Elders taking care of these young ones must guide them with restrictions.

Giving them a chance for putting damaged clothes, attending every high party and drinking is not all the freedom they want. If they branch off the road of life, parents must not blame them.

We have failed to show and teach them our culture of respect, good dressing, hard work, obedience and kindness but shamefully they have been allowed to do whatever they want. Are we promoting our culture or destroying it?


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