Distance learning program through Newspaper

By Elia Joseph Loful

The Head teacher of Gudele Parents Primary school, Mr. Emmanuel Lokosang said his administration did not intend to open but only resort in calling primary 8 candidates to be guided on distance learning program that the school has launched on the Dawn Newspaper.

The government previously closed down border entries to the country, restricted school learning sessions, social gathering and all business activities with exception of medical services, shops selling food stuff and restaurants as a way to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Lokosang who also doubles as Head teacher of Jada Jedit Primary school said they called the candidates to brief them on certain set topics for specific subjects like Mathematics, English and Science but to observe preventive measures set by the health authorities.

“So what we are doing, we call our candidates to inform them that we set program for them, to see how they are going on with the program, in case they need help when they are revising on their own. We have launched this program as distance learning on the newspaper and today only primary 8, they came and we have given them some brief guidance on the subjects, just for some minutes and they went back home,”Lokasang explained.

He said the program would continue as they wait for the government to issue directives on the resumption of the schools.

“At the moment we are going to continue with long distance learning because we still have this program on the Dawn Newspaper until the government declares re-operating of the schools officially,” he said.

Lokasang reiterated that efforts should be put in place to address the fate of all learning as the pandemic has affected learning. Media reports indicated earlier that due to the situation of coronavirus disease, over 24 school girls got impregnated as they stay away from school.

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