Disseminate correct information on Coronavirus

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Some people have been disseminating wrong information about Coronavirus and people who come from abroad. What I know was that if a person comes from a certain country to South Sudan, there are testing machines at the airport. They will test you before migration.  If the result is negative, you will be allowed to go home. Then they will monitor you from time to time to know your status about the disease, whether there is any symptom or not, after that, certificate will be issued to you to identify that you are free from the disease.

The system of testing passengers at the airport was there since last year during the time of Ebola. For coronavirus the system is different because there is follow up by the officials from the Ministry of Heath at the airport. The officials are supposed to follow up the passenger right from the date he or she entered for the period of fourteen days according to the directive given by the Ministry of health.

If these procedures were not done, the person who interacted with people would be blamed at the end of the day. I know ignorance is another challenge with our people at the ground.

The other matter is poor communication with people who came from abroad. You cannot say Mr. X has Coronavirus without prove or having documents from the Ministry of Health giving details about the status of the person. If the result of the test was found positive, it should be announced by the responsible person in the government “not you”. “Don’t put on shoes which does not belong to you,” otherwise you could cause problem for yourself.

Coronavirus is a disease; it cannot differentiate people according to ethnicity or community. If there is one tribe which happen to be the majority in campaign programme, don’t apply hate speech against them.  You try to participate on right way and protect yourself and others.  On the other hand, Journalists are advised to disseminate correct information to the public. If they start disseminating wrong information in social media, the public would be confused.

I know people like to debate on social media in anything, please use social media to benefit people not gossiping on others about Coronavirus, in case of any information, better approach the right person to disseminate the correct message.

Our solidarity is to strengthen us fight against Coronavirus in the country.

May God bless us all.

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