Displaced persons in dire need of humanitarian assistance By Manas James Okony

At least 1, 325 individuals displaced from Sudan Safari and Jemeiza due to the recent waves of violence, between youths from Jonglei State and Terekeka State are in dire need of humanitarian assistance, said a Relief Rehabilitation Commission official.

The IDPs that are currently seeking safety in Malek, an area 65 Km from Sudan Safari of Terekeka State, include Mundari and Dinka Bor communities.

David Alier Pach, the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission Coordinator for Bor County said, the condition of the displaced is deplorable. He said the displaced were only assisted by the host communities who are outweighed, by the population of the new arrival.

“They came with nothing,” Pach stressed, “They lack food, water and shelter since they exhausted the  little they were having on the way”, Pach stressed.

Pach worried that, the condition of the IDPs may worsen if there is no quick humanitarian response.“They sleep under no mosquito net and they are living near river, this may cause diseases,” he added.

Pach is appealing to the humanitarian partners in Jonglei to quickly intervene. “I am appealing to the UN agencies and other NGOs to give them food, shelter and mosquito nets,” Pach further added.

Recently the conflict along Juba Bor road has left at least 30 passengers dead following an attack on three passenger’s vehicles travelling from Juba to Bor by gunmen from Terekeka State, raising tension between the two states.

Jonglei and Terekeka States have separately formed a committee to address the simmering tension between the two communities.

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