DISOWNED Carry your own cross

By: Wek Atak Kacjang

The Kenyan community in South Sudan has disowned Margaret Millicent, a clumsy swindler who is currently on the run and wanted by the Juba Town Northern Division Police.

Kenyan Ambassador to South Sudan Chris Mburu said the case should be treated on its own as a criminal occurrence and should not be portrayed as an action typically known within Kenyan community.

Charles Otieno, Chairman of the Kenyan diaspora in South Sudan said, if found to be illicit, each of the cases made against Margaret should be dealt with according to the law of the land.

Otieno warned the Kenyan community in South Sudan to watch their action as it reflects the image of the country.

“I would advise any person that is undertaking such programs to be honorable and avoid any other thing that may not exactly bring good name to the country,” he said.

Otieno said Kenyans in South Sudan should assume the ambassadorial role by conducting themselves in a manner that does not deface the image of the country.

“After all, Kenyans in this country are like ambassadors, so whatever they do should reflect and should portray good image of Kenyan government and the Kenyan people.

“As Kenyan community we will never allow bad actions by individual people who want to tarnish the name of the country, the case was not for all of us it was for one person,” Otieno said.

Margaret, who reportedly left Juba for Aweil as she sought a hideout is embroiled in series of accusations, which involve failure to pay for services of a car she hired to help operations at NEPDA, a nongovernmental organization where she is one of  key members.

Police in the Kajiado County in Kenya has also issued an arrest warrant against Margaret, after deliberate evasion to pay the bills for services given to her and involvement in fraudulent financial activities.

As Margaret goes to hiding, Kenya has become a no-go zone, while multiple business-related accusations from Juba City residents await the response of the female confidence trickster.

Margaret’s actions have resulted to changes of directors at NEPDA in questionable manners as the organization seeks to wipe her mess.

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