Dismissed student ring leader apologizes to the public

The dismissed student ring leader who led peaceful demonstrations last year finally apologized to University of Juba administration and the entire public after realizing his mistake.

Last year, the Administration of the University of Juba dismissed14 students and suspended fourteen others for creating unrest at the campus when the Vice-Chancellor Professor John Akec had issued a circular, notifying all who had not paid tuition fees not to be allowed to access the institution.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the leader of the dismissed students Wilson Mayor Adiong said that he was very sorry for what he did and said on radios, Newspapers when they were dismissed.

“I am asking for forgiveness and I promise you that I will not repeat the same mistake. In my own observation, l came to agree that my behavior and actions were childish, disruptive and disrespectful. You can expect better and more appropriate behavior from me in the future,”Adiong said.

He added that he had learned from this experience and understood that a certain level professionalism was expected of him at the university.

“I hope our relationship is undamaged by my actions and that I can continue to learn and grow under your guidance. I shall be very grateful to you for your kindness and consideration. Acceptance of my apology is highly appreciated and I look forward to hearing horn you soon,” Adiong said.

In October last year, the Deans’ Board at the University of Juba resolved that students involved in the protest should either be dismissed or suspended depending on the magnitude of each involvement.

  The administration identified and dismissed 13 students from.Fifteen others were suspended for two academic years and fined 50,000 SSP each.

The Board indicated that those suspended would upon return pay for the cost of damages incurred.

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