DISMISSED-Seven Police linked to unknown gunmen

By Gilo Jr. Okwata

Police personnel of different ranks linked to a notorious group known by their mystery name ‘unknown gunmen’ have been nabbed in what the police described as a coordinated eye-hawked operation by security agencies.

According to the Police, the leaders whose identities, time of their arrest and place have not been revealed were reported to have been detained during elaborate operations spanning from 2018 to 2021 which include Police, National Security and Criminal Investigation Department among other agencies.

They were then recommended to the President and eventually dismissed without benefits.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Majak Akec Malok made a striking revelation as he spoke on the status of Police and transformational policies in the law enforcement agencies in the country.

“One of the accountabilities that we have enforced, there are those who were involved in robberies before I came in. they have been counted by the accused persons. So, we recommended them to be dismissed and they were dismissed by the president of the country. Seven of them from the Police force of different ranks were dismissed without pension and that they will not receive anything after their work and when they retire from the service.”

“So, this is to indicate that we the police are here to protect the lives of our citizens with their properties and we should not be the one posing a danger to the citizens or maybe creating insecurity for them. At least police should be a best friend to the people of South Sudan and the guests who are living in the Republic of South Sudan.”

“We should actually do our job without favor and compromising anybody who is a criminal and committing crimes in the country, and we shouldn’t allow any criminality practice in this country. So, this is a lot of transformation that we are doing,” Gen. Malok said.

He stated that the police had signed bilateral agreements with neighboring countries and other partners to provide logistical supports, trainings and to provide expertise. He said that there was improvement across the borders in terms of tackling human trafficking, smuggling and other organized crimes.

“We have signed bilateral agreements with Uganda, Sudan, Rwanda and also Tanzania, issues to do with visas. Kenya, issue to do with free visas to under aged children from one day to seventeen years old they are moving freely to Kenya without visa requirements except issues to do with Covid-19. So, for us we have improved our relationships and bilateral agreements with our neighboring countries as I put it earlier in many of these neighboring countries some of them provide training to our people in terms of capacity building, that’s in the areas of Criminal Investigation Department (CID), the Forensics expertise, the Interpol, the crimes intelligence, the operations , the ToT (Trainer of Trainers), Immigration, Custom service, traffic, Administration and even supplying us with uniforms,” he concluded.

“Last year the IGP of Sudan assisted us with seven thousand pieces of uniform. In 2018 the IGP of Uganda gave us about three thousand pieces of uniform. China IGP also contributed about nine thousand pieces. These came out as a result of police diplomatic relationships with other countries and governments. There are other things that I cannot share with you in detail like exchange of criminals, exchange of experiences, exchange of information, those are there. We have also improved borders control on issues to do with organized crimes, human trafficking and smuggling at the borders. We have improved in these, as we speak, the borders are under control and those who are there knows their job,” Gen. Malok added.

According to Gen. Malok the police would undergo thorough screening after graduation of Unified forces to figure out those who might have left the service.

“We are going to make a thorough screening after graduation of Unified Forces. We have to screen them so that we can figure out those who might have died, those who have aged, those who might have been absent, those who might have been wounded, those with disabilities and those who are unable to work in the police force. That will be a season of screening after graduation. This is our projection,” Gen. Malok stated.

He also talked about reforms in the traffic police, why national security in what seems to be police operations and welfare of police personnel.

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