The Secretary for the new-eight member committee of judges and justices, Arop Malueth Manon said the dismissal of the fourteen judges and justices was not according to the Judiciary law.

Speaking to journalists on Friday last week, Manon said there should have been a board of discipline formed on any misconduct of the judges and justices and then the Judicial Service Committee would recommend for the dismissal of those in question.

“In this case, the Judges who were dismissed are judges who were mandated by the general assembly of the Judges and Justices to follow up their demands of the strike. So the dismissal was not according to the Judiciary law,” Manon said.

Chairman of the Judges and Justices Committee Justice Bol Lul Wang accused the Chief Justice of misleading the President to dismiss the judges and Justices without following the right procedure.

“In our humble view, we think that the Chief Justice has misled the President because he is the right person to guide the head of State with the right procedure to be taken. It is there in the Judiciary Act that a judge should be subjected to a disciplinary board and be availed time to defend himself on whatever is found about him by the board of discipline. It is then the report of the board would be taken to the President with the recommendation of the Chief Justice but this one was totally not there in the Presidential decree number 100/2017,” Justice Wang said.

Nichola M. Bol, the Deputy Chairman of the new eight-member committee of the Judges and Justices said six judges have taken side with the Chief Justice as they could not join the rest in the ongoing open strike.

“In Juba, we have four judges and two in Aweil. They have already taken sides. It is up to them to continue  with their stand. It is a democratic world,” he said.

According to the eight-member committee of the Judges and Justices, 148 judges are left following the dismissal of the fourteen from active service in the Judiciary.

By Sworo Charles Elisha





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