Dishonesty in simple terms means deceitfulness shown in someone’s character or behavior. In this column, however, I focus on dishonesty within the organizational context, after a local nongovernmental organization was reported to have defaulted on the payment of services they received from a score of business personalities and companies. If this is true, the practice has to change. This organization known as Naada is reported to have dodged the payment of over 10,000 USD to a local businesswoman, whose car they hired to facilitate their organizational activities. We learned that when this woman approached them demanding her money she was told to come after one week, a period to which she agreed. When that duration elapsed she went back with an expectation that she would be paid, just to be handed another two weeks and subsequently one month on the claim that the money was yet to arrive from a local bank. The trouble with that excuse, however, was that it made it became inevitably difficult to believe after they it was used a couple of times. As the dodgy streak continued, the hired car suffered mechanical damages and was left by road lane without repair by the organization whose administrative structure changes nearly every months or less, something the woman identified as Cynthia Mbenya did not realize. She was not the only person that fell prey to this organization, several other business entities succumbed to their pseudo promises and deceitfulness. These include but not limited to furniture dealers as well as fuel and food suppliers. Surely, a legit company built on good reputation cannot indulge in this unwanted practice. It is important to remember that any organization that thrives on dishonesty will eventually suffer a reputational damage and consequently shuts down operation. This is a message both governmental and nongovernmental organizations must take note of. Honesty whispers, “Don’t get pricked by the thorns of lie”.

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