Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Parents who select or show love to one child at the expense of another or others should be rest assured that they are planting seeds they would live to regret on harvesting. The must understand that they are planting permanent hatred that in the end would eventually lead to fatality. Even if you love a child so much do not show him/her in front of other children. I was giving this advice to a colleague, Yiep who was so worked up after covering a function in which the organizers decided to focus and heap all the praises to some electronic media house which they described as having perfected in performed better that all other media houses, particularly, the print media.  He was so upset by the praises that he had to take it with the organizers point-blank that they had to apologize by responding that they would correct the situation. How do one correct the situation when water has already been poured down on the ground. These are people l am told have been dealing with the media in this country that they could not claim to have forgotten the role the media parse. In most cases it is said two wrongs do not make a right. This is not the first case that has been noted and recorded. Sometime some media houses take a stern action by simply giving such people black out until they come back to their normal senses to know that media is the mirror of the nation which reflect good and bad images in the society. There is no development in a country that can be noticed in the absence of the media. The media players need total respect and equal treatment. Some news makers or outlets have the tendency of discouraging young and up-coming journalists which is totally unacceptable approaches which are off the professional ethics. For the growth of the media industry, people should start talking and walking with the media positively and accept that they must co-exist. No person is an island of its own. For Yiep and friends, take heart there are so many thorns on the way which you are yet to cross and until then you must remain a professional hardcore to be able to survive in the terrain around you. For those who are creating something that looks like segregation in the industry. We have to learn to be together and support one another. Creating tension and pretending to know it all should be in the past. Then there is recognition and respect which should guide us through and through. Only then shall we know and understand our value and purpose in this world it takes two to tangle. Therefore one who walks along is having some issues and reasons within him/herself. Walk in the day and be good to the human race without discrimination and favour. It is against the law of nature.  

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