Odongo Odoyo

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With Odongo Odoyo

After a grueling a day at the editors workshop yesterday, l was relieved in the evening when l joined the Chinese Ambassador, Hua Ning and his team during the 70th Independence of the People’s Republic of China. It was a colourful occasion which attracted guests from within and outside the diplomatic circles. It was a historical moment when the government of this country’s representative, deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Deng Dau Deng Malek took the mike after a speech by the ambassador who had earlier narrated and pointed out a number of bilateral activities and cooperation between the two countries. The large number of guests listened keenly and followed every word that came out from the ambassador Ning which centred on development matters of national importance. But when it came to Mr. Malek it was not the appreciation or acknowledging the existing relationship between the two friendly countries that caught my attention. It was his clarification and straightening the facts as they were echoed by President Salva Kiir during the national prayers at J1 which some people were misinterpreting differently. The President he said told the prayers that the citizens were tired and wanted a new dispensation for development and peace. He said the president was only fulfilling the promise the citizens were eagerly waiting for. The formation of the government of national unity which would take the country out of the past memories. As I listened to him l saw an honest approach to this issue which was eagerly awaited and which the signatories to peace accord had committed to fulfill comes next month. In the office l replayed the address by the President as captured by our reporter during the prayers. I took my time and keenly followed word by word. At no point in time did l come across such mention of any name or names. My mind raced with time and it became obvious that those who are bent to divert attention from the peace process were again now out to distort the noble words which came from the President’s prayer meeting address to suit their own cause. These are the rumour-dens who capitalizes or create any issue for their own selfish end. The leadership has warned the citizens to be weary of these kind of people and hold the country together so that peace can be restored in all parts of the country. It is time collective approach was applied to achieve this positive cause and embark on development activities. On this l would wish all to walk the talk until then and anything that is seen to be contrary to the move be discarded.

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