Disarray in OPP Camp

By John Agok

There is still confusion within the ranks of The Other Political Parties (OPP) that signed the 2018 R-ARCISS in Addis Ababa.

 Some members of the divided outfits yesterday called on President Kiir Mayardit to revoke the sneaked in list which was not approved by five parties.

Despite efforts made by President Kiir to revoke the first list of OPP, the second one still disenchanted some quarters of OPP members and demanded the President to discard what they termed as “sneaked in list”.

In a press statement signed by seven members of National Alliance that called for revision of the list submitted for the National Assembly. 

The disenchanted groups accused their member Mr. Kornelio Kon Ngu to have connived with one of the senior cabinet minister that frequently caused biasness to change the list.

The press statement read; The OPP was allocated thirty (30) seats to RTNLA and eight (8) seats for the Council of States , but as usual the OPP divided itself up the power sharing into two groups, one led by Peter Mayen Majongdit and another led by Kornelio KonNgu . The division of the OPP is always aggravated by outsiders especially some hands in the committee which is handling the appointment of members of political parties to parliament.

This Committee made numerous scandals in the appointment of parties’ members to parliament of the 10th June 2021, where some elected MPs from their constituencies were replaced with people from nowhere. With the intervention of President Kiir when he discovered that the committee was biased, he revoked the appointments, and the rightful owners of the seats were reappointed. This Committee should have been dissolved by the President but he has forgiven them.

The current composition of the appointed members of the OPP to the National Legislature is not complete, because, the three parties that make up the OPP were left out from the seat allocation. They are United Democratic Party (UDP) USAP and UDSF. Out of 23 seats allocated to the five parties minus Umbrella party, National Alliance, Kornelio Kon took 16 seats for TNLA and Council of State and ANC with 5 seats and appointed two members of their own choice one from USAP and another one from UDSF leaving UDP with nothing.

“We, the three parties,USAP, UDSF and UDP are requesting President Kiir to withhold these allocated seats, revoke and redistribute the seats equitably,” he added.

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