Disabled widow decry demise of her husband

Nancy Kitale, a disabled widow and a mother of two children sits outside the vicinity of Juba city in Lologu Boma as she recalls the demise of her husband in June 2017 in Lobonok County.

It is a cloudy morning, the 9th of July, a day that brings memories of the liberation struggle between the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) and the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) that led to the independence of South Sudan.

Kitale now lives with her two orphans at the home of her late husband’s relative. Her two year old youngest son, Mandela Wani asks for a cup of tea that her mother could not afford. “Mama, tea,” the little boy demanded as his mother gazed at him.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Kitale said her husband was killed in Kukonan Village of Lobonok County by suspected cattle keepers who came a long way from Jonglei state to graze their cattle.

“It was on Sunday at 3:00 pm when my late husband went to bring his bamboos in the forest. As he was returning home, he found a woman (anonymous) who had gone home to uproot some cassava in the garden for her family consumption,” Kitale said. “A man, and many others emerged from nowhere in the bush with guns and threatened to shoot, should my husband run away,” she revealed.

She said after her husband was threatened, he threw down the bundle of bamboo and the gunmen took him away.

“The woman who was moving with my husband was taken to different direction and was left free after they had killed my husband,” she said.

“My husband was found unconscious. His neck was cut and the jaw was punched removing one of his teeth,” Kitale narrated as tears roll down silently.

Kitale said the men who later went to the scene found her husband was dead and naked.

“My husband was found dead and naked as his clothes and boots were removed by the merciless killers,” she said.

Widow Kitale, who now lives in Lologu left Kukonan village of Karpeto Boma in Lobonok after her husband was killed.

In a separate incident that happened on the same day, Kitale said a teenager she named as Ladu was caught and slaughtered by the same criminals. He was going to his father in the garden when he met the criminals. They cut his throat and left the machete near him.

A relative to the deceased who chose to remain anonymous blames cattle keepers for intrusion. “We were born in Lobonok, we did not go to any land to disturb anybody, but people just enter our land with unclear motive,” he said.

Ladu Alex, a brother to the deceased said he is now left stranded.

“I don’t know what to do. With the hard economic crises, I am unable to provide food for my family and my late brother’s widow because I am not working,” he said.

Media reports earlier in August 15th 2016 indicates that atleast 8 people were killed in Lobonok and over 3000 people were displced after clahses between cattle herders and the local communities in the area.

Authorities in the area blame the cattle herders for several clashes including the burning of Sindiru Dumadang boma where three people were killed and four wounded. On the 13th January 2016, Morsak Boma was also burnt completely to ashes where the chief of the area escaped death narrowly.

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