The world yesterday celebrated the Disability Day with one clear message from renowned activist Dr. Malvika Iyer that “our understanding of disability must expand to include people with invisible disabilities”. It is not what the activist or the world celebrated. It is the attitude of many in the society who think that disability is inability and mistreat those affected. It has to be known that a number of disabled people are doing better than those who think they are able. They just need to be given a chance to display or prove what they can do to supplement what able people can do. They should be treated like other normal beings and given time and place in society to gain skills after normal education. It can be attested to that there are people with disability who have proved themselves to be better than those able but doing very little to uplift the standard of development within their own back-yards. In many countries, clear laws have been put in place for the protection and the well-being of the disabled persons. These laws are adhered to and respected. One can be charged for violating these laws. As the day was being marked, this country joined the rest of the world to mark the same. Let the celebration extend real and actual action in protecting and safeguarding the disabled persons. They have a right to live and exist in the society without being looked down upon. Truly, they are good in whatever they undertake to do and do them better. They are our children who should be given equal treatment and respect. They can do better if supported and that chance is availed to them.

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