Disabled persons deserve love and respect

By Ngor Khot Garang

Disability is not anybody’s wish in a lifetime.No one wants to be bound to a wheelchair and be looked down as if he/she is unfit to be a human being. It is something that comes in a way that we cannot explain. Nobody can explain why he or she is not as normal as other persons of his kind; and why others are happy while others are not. It is part of nature and we all have to understand how it feels to be disabled. Some of these people (the disabled) are sometimes surrounded by people who constantly remind them of their disabilities rather than their

This leaves them wondering where they fit in society and what their purpose is in life. We set wrong picture of what a disabled looks like and clings to that image instead of trying to understand what it is to be disabled. We should not let the physical appearances of people with disabilities to dictate us. We have to show love and be emphatic, feel the pain that people with
disabilities had to go through every day.They belong to humanity and you could sense their suffering and wish nobody had to face those hurdles in life. I wonder how you feel when you see someone seated by the road side with his/her face down, hand stretched out in the midair seeking for any kind of help from the passersby.  I think you will not cross that place without sympathizing with them and getting to know the side of life.

Nobody chose to live that way but what will you do when you are being forced to believe that you are not capable of doing something just because you are physically impaired?  I think it must be miserable to be disable;we should not look down on them.We should not exclude them from social activities.They have the rights to enjoy a decent life as much as anyone else. We should not see physical disabilities as inhibition from achieving something positive or success in life. They belong to mother earth and have skills and talents that if properly developed, will make a huge difference not only in their lives but to the country at large. Anyone with disabilities can do something great in life if he is not refused to talk to is being encouraged to believe that he can make it in life.

For instance, Stephen Hawking was one of the greatest theoretical and cosmological physicists of his time but do you know that he was disabled? I think you might have come across this person. Hawking was oblivious of his talents because he thought that being disabled would not get him anywhere in life until he was told that he can make it despite his physical limitations.That’s what changed his life for the better.Had it not been the people who continuously encourage him to forget his physical disability and work on his dream, he would have accepted that’disability is inability’.
Encouragement has a way of bringing good out of people. If you take part of your time and visit the disabled person you get on the way and tell him/her to accept the fact that there is nothing impossible in life if one believes in his/her abilities. I think that person will feel ecstatic because there’s someone who’s telling him/her that ‘disability is not ability.

Let us try to give hope to this people. There’s no universal label that says disabled people were meant to be like that.God gave everyone of us special talents even though you are deaf,dumb,blind or cripple. You can still do great things in life and move the whole world by surprise. Just discover what your true potential is and don’t let peoples’ perceptions about your physical disparity hold you back. Human beings, even if they appear dirty or worthless in people faces, still they are important in God’s eyes.
Let’s work together as human family and lift up those among us who feel disowned by nature.Let’s give them hope so that they recognize their true talents. When you meet a disabled person on the way, don’t pretend as if you have not seen him/her. They need us in all the possible circumstances. The word that may come out of your mouth will give hope and mental renewal. God bless us all.

The writer is a high school student. He can be reached via email:
ngorjacob7@gmail.com or mobile: 0925405723

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