Disability is not inability

The winner of persons with albinism beauty pageant in Kampala talks to the media | photo credit: BBC

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

Disability is not inability when it comes to talent, the Ugandan winner of persons with albinism beauty contest has said. She is expected to participate in a beauty race in Nairobi Kenya early next month.

This was a clear sentiment to South Sudanese persons with albinism to organize themselves and form their association to qualify for next year’s beauty contest.

Speaking to journalists in Kampala, the winner of persons with albinism whose name was withheld for purpose of protection was among the five girls chosen for the upcoming East Africa persons with albinism beauty contest. She said there was no disability when it comes to talents and skills.

She called on people with albino to be strong and be determining to make the world believe that there is nothing which can deprive human being from moving forward in life.

Uganda has held it’s first-ever beauty contest for people with albino. The pageant in Kampala was held to select five men and five women who are to represent Uganda at the Mr. and Miss East Africa beauty contest in Nairobi at the end of November.




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