Disability Is Not Inability- Blind man


By: Kitab A Unango

A visually impaired man running a massage business has said that blindness does not mean one was unable to do what capable people can do.

On Thursday Silvers Darago said that blindness does not prevent someone from doing anything adding that blind persons only lack sight, but not other things.

“Blind people only lack sights but they have minds to think and reason. We can do what able people do,” he said.

Speaking at the “Seeing Hands” offices in Buluk, a 38 year old blind man said he was doing the massage business to earn a living instead of entirely relaying on people for help all the time.

“I do massage to get money to care for myself. I do that to reduce over dependence on people and I do not want to give burden to people all the time whenever I need other things,” Darago said.

The “Seeing Hands” is located at Buluk Eye Clinic where Darago and four other colleagues work.

Darago pointed out that massage was important to human health especially to those who have sprain due to muscle pull.

“Massage relieves someone from stress and body pains as a result of muscle pull. It allows smooth flow of blood,” he mentioned.

Darago in the business room

He added that he and four other visually impaired people were trained for four and a half months on human anatomy and massage techniques that is why he was able to do the work well.

He said though he was not receiving clients regularly, he received at least four to five customers in a week. He added that he charged clients differently based on their nationality.

“I charge customers SSP 2,000 per hour if he or she is a national and for foreigners I charge them USD 15 per hour,” Darago said.

Dorago stressed that blind people should not be discriminated adding that they were part and parcel of the community. He urged the authorities and organizations both national and international to provide more training to build the capacities of visually impaired people in the country so as to reduce the rate of poverty.


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