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Disability Inclusion in IOM Program

By John Agok

Over 30 students living with disability were graduated yesterday in Juba after completing three months for training on vocational skills, under auspices of International Organization for Immigration (IOM) in partnership with relevant institutions.

The graduation Ceremony was under the theme “Disability is not inability” and anchored on four principles adopted by IOM that includes; Attitudinal barriers like nicknaming by impaired, neglect with disabilities by family’s discrimination and isolation. People with disability face many different challenges such as environmental or physical barriers,Institutional barriers through discrimination policies and Communication barriers as well.

The 36 students participated comprisedof 15females and 21 males traineeswithhearing and visually impaired took Electrical course, Dress making and basic Computer skills for three monthsin Egyptian Academy.

Mr. Mohammed Shefig, the Manager of EgyptianAcademy appealed to IOM toavail more opportunities to skilled students in employment vacancies.

He urged students to continue enrolling into higher education and advance their certificates.

“I am privileged to have this opportunity and I want all students to advance their certificates by enrolling into higher institutions of learning. I OM should provide more opportunities for your employment and even establishing more training centers in Juba”, he said.

Shefig also called on government to enact laws that allow institutions to consider all people with disabilities to get equal opportunities in terms of employment.

“I really ask the government of South Sudan to put in place laws that favour employment for underprivilege.  This will curb unemployment among people with disability”, he added.

Dr. Muneyi Muchanyuka, the IOM Protection Officer said that the disability inclusion was in the heart of IOM programand the Organization was trying hard to work closely like-mindedinstitutions, just to extend similar services to the states.

“We are working in partnership with Organization in the welfare of People with Disability (PWDs)in making sure that, they remove all four barriers hindering the inclusion of underprivilege in all aspects”, he said.

Nevertheless, Mr. Peter Der Auweraet Chief of Mission,IOM South Sudan vowed to support people with Disability in all opportunities.

“When I employed person, I do not care about your looks or disabilities but skill-sets, you deserve to work for me efficiently. When joining IOM, I rediscover myself in offering support to all humanity despite their shortcoming as such. We continue to support People living with disability and change negative mindset on them in the Society”,he underscored.

Banet Longa Director of Social Welfare in the National Ministry of Gender Child and Social Welfareacknowledged the inclusion of PWDs in activity of IOM. The Ministry have to witness such development from IOM and expect more partners in following the path.

He encouraged People with Disability (PWDs) students to maintain such skills and be a life changing in the Society.

“We appreciate Egyptian Academy for taking up the role to train people with disability across the Country. We also find it difficult as the Ministry to hire people by training PWDs and we now urge all developmental partners to follow the IOM Path”, he said.

Longa admitted that the Ministry witnessed the similar training from partners to “rock the boat” further.

“We are expecting more partners and goodwill in giving continuous training to People with Disability”, he added.

Paulino Wol Mayen appealed to IOM for extending training from three months to at least six Months.

“We need this training to go beyond three months, so that we can learn enough”, he said.

Esther Kwania the head of IT students appreciated IOM for the training and urged them to provide more tools and equipment for them to start working immediately.

“We actually need tailoring machines and computers to start practicing skills we acquired here”, she said.

They students also called on partners to extend such training to all states of South Sudan to reachthe People with Disability from states. The students alsocalled for more centers in Juba to train people with disability.

I O M expected to organize Blind Sports which including football and Basketball due to be host in Wau soon.

Since 2020 I O M Protection Unit trained 128 People with Disability across the Country.

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