Director tells officers to keep order at Juba Airport

By William Madouk Garang

Immigration boss Gen. Atem Marol Biar yesterday directed the officers to uphold orders at Juba International Airport (JIA) and give standard services to both South Sudanese and aliens in order to meet the world standard.

In his briefing to immigration forces at the Juba International Airport yesterday, the Director General of Directorate of Nationality, Passport and Immigration, Gen. Atem Marol Biar said in any international airport redundant and random movement were not allowed and asked the officers to keep order within the airport and its surroundings.

“Your stay in the airport is for security purpose, I heard that you were dividing yourselves such as;forces of security, and other for immigration forces but in reality, all of you were here to maintain the airport security together, airport is under your responsibility,” Biar said.

“If you find any airport where people move randomly, this is our airport,what is your role as the security organs in the airport? Let this stop!! Because in any airport, those who were allowed are those traveling, waiting for clearance or companion,” he added.

He also added some shortfall comes in because some officers still require training to improve in their performance in service delivery and urged them to try their best in giving standard services to visitors at JIA. 

He explained that immigration was the first to receive the visitors from across the world and therefore, if they treated both alien and nationals in satisfactory manner, this would also change the way others perceive the country

On his part, the Director of immigration at airport, Brigadier. Santino Monybutexpressed his happiness and said that they only challenge they had was, some of the officers who were left out during the promotion.

“Our challenges are that during the promotion, some of the personals were left out while their colleagues were promoted to the higher rank and I keep encouraging them that your case will one day be solved and it’s not a lie,” Monybut said.

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