Director General of customs promises success

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The Director General of Customs division Maj. Gen. Akol Ayii Madut has promised to ensure there will be success in the work of collecting and controlling customs services in the country.

 “We in the NRA and the department of customs hopes that Minister Athian will not fail us again, by the way, the Ministry of Finance is failing us apart”, said Akol.

He was speaking during the reception of Africano  Mande Gedima the new Deputy Commissioner General of National Revenue Authority.

The Deputy Inspector General of police James Pouch in his remarks revealed that the Ministry of Interior will work to enable Africano Mande Gedima achieve his assignment.

“I believe that the New Minister of Finance and Economic Planning will work hard to make sure that he change this country, he has been trusted by the President and that is why he brought him”, said James.

James urged the New Minister of Finance to work hand in hand with those collecting Revenue in the country in order to offer better services to the people of South Sudan.

The outgoing Acting Commissioner General of Revenue Authority Erjok Bullen Geu talked of reforms at the Revenue and advised the incoming person to start reform by himself.

Bullen assured Athian that he would face difficulties but advised him to cooperate.

He revealed that Revenue Authority as a new institution is facing resistance because of ignorance from other institutions in the country.

“Minister some of the problems facing National Revenue Authority are operation costs, lack of transport for the staffs, lack of system for money collections, we need scanners and soft wares to monitor money collection in the country”, said Bullen.

Bullen explained the resistance as ignorance from other Ministries hindering the work of National Revenue Authority.

Athian Ding Athian in his address acknowledged that the National Revenue Authority is the back bone of the public finance.

Athian revealed that there are no problems that cannot be solved and he added that through persistence the problems of economy affecting the country would be solved.

“I will stand with you in everything that you will do, there is nothing new here because I have been part of the system and I believe that together we shall go through it”, said Athian.

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