Director General arrested for illegal cash withdrawal

By Mabor Riak Magok

A Director General in Western Lakes State Ministry of Finance has been arrested for allegedly withdrawing money from the bank without authorization.

According to the state authorities, Mr Dut Riak Marol with drew1,570 USD from the Government Revenue Account at Ivory Bank without the permission of the Finance Minister.

“I did not authorize Mr. Marol to withdraw any money from the bank,” Kuol Daniel Ayuelo Western Lakes State Minister of Finance denied.

He said the Director General Marol acted on his own without any authorization from his office as the Minister of Finance.

“Yes, it is government revenue account where director general is an accounting officer but I did not request for any withdrawal of money,” he denied.

Minster Ayuelo explained that when the security personnel searched Mr. Marol’s house, they recovered 1,500 USD from his bed room and a separate amount of USD 8,400 got from his pocket.

“I don’t understand why he was carrying such amount of money in his pocket but whether it was private money or not the investigation will find out,” Kuol the Finance Minister said.

The Finance Minister further said an estimated 3000,000 SSP was also apprehended from Mr. Marol by the security.

Mr. Dut Riak Marolwho was still in dentition at Rumbek prison said he with drew USD 1,500 last Saturday from the government revenue account at the Ivory Bank.

Mr Marol claimed that other the 230,000 SSP seized from his house were part of the money he withdrew for the President Kiir’s planned visit to Western Lakes state.

However, Mr. Marol argued that it has been a policy in Western Lakes State to withdraw some money on every weekend for emergency.

He said as usual,there was no need to get authorization from the finance minister.


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