Diplomat appeals for implementation of Nation dialogue resolutions

By James Atem Kuir

Diplomat, Rene ILUME Tembele, the Congolese Ambassador to the Republic of South Sudan has strongly appealed to the country’s leadership to implement the outcome of the National Dialogue conference.

The Congolese Ambassador who was also an observer in the national dialogue process stressed that the resolutions of the conference should be implemented to show respect for efforts of the participants from the grassroots to the national conference.

“My appeal is to see the leadership of this great country implement as much as possible these resolutions in respect to three and half years of the efforts of great people who have spoken,” he said.

The Congolese diplomat also appealed to the parties which are not part of the national dialogue to join the process for better outcome.

“My appeal to those political groups, who are still away, is to come and join this process.

 Some of my colleagues and myself as acting Dean of the diplomat corps tried their best individually and collectively to advise them as Africans in order to join the process, unfortunately, we failed,” he stressed.

“Now, I beg them, its better late than never. Knowing the capabilities of fellow South Sudanese just as our Congolese people to overcome their disputes and anger by coming and sitting together,” he added.

Ambassador Tembele as an observer had earlier in his speech declared that the National dialogue process was free, fair and inclusive.

The National conference has come to an end yesterday but compilation of the reports is still ongoing.

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