Diocese of Torit blames community over land grabbing

By Thomas Lodovico

The Catholic Diocese of Torit has blamed the local community residing on the church land for jeopardizing her plans to develop the area.

Emeritus Bishop Paride Taban of Diocese of Torit (DoT) said most of the Church land had been grabbed by the neighborhood community.

He said since 1925 right from the British colony,the Catholic Diocese of Torit owned a piece of land of one square mile but said a large portion of the land had been grabbed by some members from the neighboring community.

“The Church had plans to develop the area under its territory but due to land grabbing it is making it difficult to run some developmental projects,” Bishop Paride said.

“Where can we build university as you have grabbed the land of the church? This land is not for us but for the future of your children,” he added.

Emeritus Bishop Paride hailed Governor of Kapoeta state Louis Lobong for giving 10 kmpiece of land for Kuron Peace Village.

He emphasized the importance of the Church land adding while a young priest at Palotaka parish, he used to produce a lot of food that was transported to feed the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba.

Bishop Paride advised the believers to work hard in helping the Church, saying even he bought his car through his hard work.

“Now we have planted about four hundred trees of teak in Kuron village,” he said.

One of the concerned Christians named Innocent, said part of the Church land at Hai Mayo and She rikat and Bishop Akio secondary school has all been grabbed and very soon the church may be left with no piece of land at all.

Bishop Paride reiterated that the land of the Church did not belong to the bishop or the priests. He said Catholic Church was very concern about the development of the schools and hospitals.

He appealed for a peaceful resolution of the land dispute between the community and the church.


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