Diocese concluded pastoral conference

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

Episcopal Church of South Sudan on Wednesday officially and successfully completed ten days of pastoral conference.

The conference brought together eighty-nine clergy leaders and mothers union members from the different arch-deaconesses of the Diocese.

Speaking closure of the conference, representative pastor Yoasa Batali thanked the Diocese of Yei for organizing the retreat for the pastors.

Yoasa believed that the conference acted as a forum for the servants of God to interact with each other.

He urged for further training to the pastors in order to refresh the knowledge they gained during the ten days course.

 “I want to thank the leader of the Episcopal Diocese of Yei for organizing this important conference for the pastors. This forum has helped us to interact among ourselves with those we have never met for a long time as others are meeting for this first time.

Levi Marandulu Yepete Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Yei explained that the pastors were trained on empowerment of the Christian community transformed spiritually and socially for the integral mission as a vision of the diocese.

He added the clergy were also trained on stewardship and Church finance in order to manage it well.

Levi revealed that his pastors were further educated on Church administration, development and principles of preaching.

Meanwhile, Dr. Paul Yogusuk Arch-Bishop of central Equatoria internal province said the training was also for Anglicanism.

He added that during the training, they also discussed on the constitution of the families of the clergies as well as the laity.

 “I am here for training on Anglicanism. the dioceses gather all their priests from all the parishes. They are here for the last ten days. They have been trained on Anglicanism. We have just concluded and we are privileged that this Year we have been able to celebrate the Ash Wednesday here at Immanuel cathedral. The training focused on Anglicanism but it also focused on the discussion on the families of the clergies and laity,” He added.

The ten days pastoral conference which brought together eighty-nine clergy was concluded on Wednesday at Immanuel cathedral of the Episcopal diocese of Yei.

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