Dinka and Nuer chiefs postpones resolutions for Wunlit peace conference


By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Chiefs from Dinka and Nuer have postponed the signing of the resolutions of their meeting in Juba, aimed at reviving the Wutlit peace conference for building peace between the two tribes.

The postponement came as a result of the untimely death of the SPLA’s Chief of Defense Forces, Late General James Ajongo Mawut who passed on last Friday in Cairo, Egypt.

They will meet after the three days of official mourning of the late General Ajongo.

Speaking to the Journalists, one of the organizers of the Dinka and Nuer chiefs’ second Wutlit peace conference in Juba, Dr. Bol Mel said the death of the late Chief of Defense Forces was shocking and unfortunate that their meeting could not be concluded.

“We have just received very sad news during the conference, second Wutlit peace conference about the early death of our brother, chief of General staff. So it is really very unfortunate since he was a great brother and server of the nation,” Dr. Mel quipped.

Dr. Mel affirmed a message of condolence to the family and assuring them to take heart adding that it was a great loss to the country.

William Lual Yach, Paramount chief of Dinka said they were paralyzed by the death of general Ajongo.

He said that General Ajongo Mawut was a limitless man in the history of SPLM/A since the liberation struggle.

He extended the message of condolences to the family for the loss of a great liberator.

Jama Ngot Deng, Paramount chief of Nuer said they decided to postpone the resolutions of the meeting due to the terrible news of death of the SPLA’S Chief of Defense Forces.

“We have adjourned the peace conference results because of the sad news.  Whenever soldiers are, we are very sad towards the news and we pray that his soul rest in external peace,” Deng said.


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