Digging out the Truth

What is truth?

By Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

Truth is a conformity to reality or actuality says the English Dictionary. But one can agree with me that truth in itself is anything that two or more people accept without any internal or external influence. This proves that truth is a demonstrated or verified fact. However, truth can either be positive or negative depending on its nature and impact on people. For example, if one says that corruption or greediness is a bad habit, it is a positive truth if considered and prevented, it yields positive results. While when one says that there is a much-recorded number of corruption cases in the Ministry of Finance or any other institution of South Sudan, and truly there is, it is a negative truth. The people practicing corruption in the Ministries become disregarded and less influential in the society; this makes it a negative truth on the side of the officials.

So, what is the preferred kind of truth? It is the positive one because it involves a process of learning what goods we should be doing. It makes us aware of the barrenness of undirected and twisted life and as though, positive truth if rightly accepted and worked on, can make a country great. The book of Proverbs 12:22 says that “the truthful lip shall be established forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment”. Generally, truth is the top element of a prosperous living and thus, there is a need that it has to be always dug out should it be underneath. It is advisable that every country should build itself on truth. And so, this new column, will be a platform where the population of our country will get to learn of new approaches to good life as characterized by truth and later unity, peace and prosperity. Our country needs to know two, if not many, important truths. One is the art of true living and second, is the art of true national service. We need to understand and ask ourselves, why are we seem never to live in peace and harmony with one another. We also have to know and understand the reasons behind our failureness to work the best out of ourselves in the national service.

The good lord has blessed each and every one of us with the ability to be a success in this life but we seem to have chosen failureness over success. This is why there is a national failure. However, to live a good life means to be happy and in total peace with the people around us. This has proven itself to us a difficulty. We should as well be difficult to this great challenge. Our leaders and the whole populace of this country have to come together and do that which will bring equal happiness, and success to all regardless of regions, tribes and gender. This is all we want in this country. However, how is it to happen? It is being true to life, this country and to ourselves which will make all of us feel happy and eventually, peace and success will prevail. This is the importance of truth.


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