The security organs should go deeper in finding out who are actually behind the printing and circulation of fake currency in the country. These people do not work alone and for sure have godfathers who are protecting them to do the dirty business that it is suicidal to the economic growth. One cannot imagine what would happen if the printed fake currencies are released in the market for circulation. There would be large sum of fake money in the hands of some innocent members of the public who in turn would be answering questions from the authorities as to who was the source of their fake money. It is illegal to possess fake currency in whatever denomination. It is prohibited and against banking acts for any financial institution to deal in fake money apart from the legalized tender recognized in the country or across the border. In most case the dealers either by design or not collaborate with some banking employees to ensure the illegal tenders found their ways to the banks or use merchants to articulate their shoddy dealings. The fact that the security nabbed one of the printing machine in a hotel is itself telling. The game must have been going on for some time and there are people who have fallen victims either knowingly or innocently. Innocently because they planned to get rich quick. Innocently because they were lured into the deal with high hoped promises. It would do if the security dug deeper to find out who are these people and where are they coming from so that decisive measures could be put in place to stop ant future occurrence of what has happened. May be those who have fallen victims could equally help by providing important and relevant information related to the operation bases and who the contact are  to help with investigations.

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