The summoning of the Uganda Company which had entered into an agreement with Western Equatoria state government over the deal to cut down 50 million mahogany trees is suspect. The deal is to have generated over 2.5 billion USD and signed by the state governor. It is very unlikely that such huge and magnitude deal can be entered into without the knowledge of the national government. It is not right to tell the public that the Ministry only learnt about the deal when the matter was brought to public limelight by the Juba Monitor. The deal to cut these important trees for five years and at 2.5 billion U.S.Dollars, something is not right here and the public have a right to know what is the something. The public are told the Uganda firm which signed the deal had been summoned. The firm is being summoned for what while the State officials who entered in the deal are available. They should be made to explain the details of the deal and how they came into contracting the company. People on the ground are having mix reaction to the deal but the truth is that most of them did not know or understand the impact of this deal. They were told that it was for the improvement of the state infrastructures. The danger of deforestation and turning the area into unproductive zone if not desert seems very eminent if the situation was not controlled. The world over, environmentalists support the theme of “cut one plant two” which seems to be lacking in this deal.A well planned deal to benefit the general public and country is acceptable and only if it is okayed by the people whose far-reaching effects could be harmful to. This why the national government should be on a honest and true fact finding on the ground before jumping the gun.

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