A foot for thought

Did you succeed in your plan?

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

This question is to all of us as grown up people, sometimes you can draw your plan based on what you want to achieve in life. Sometimes you can succeed or fail. You may think the reasons for the failure of your plan would take you back to review your original plan. If you find the reasons, you can make adjustment and see how you can go about it.

Many people have different experiences in the way they make plans; they can do it as individuals or as an institution to help them work within specific period of time. In life, if you plan well you can achieve your goals and if you plan bad, you cannot succeed.  Both are your plans, in case of failure who are you going to blame. Especially for the personal plan, you cannot blame anyone because you did it alone.

For institution you can blame members of the committee, because it was not a one person plan. Many ideas came from many people to support the activities. In case of success, the reward is for all and it would include many people to enjoy the fruit. Several people do not plan daily in their life. What they consider are what they do for daily survival.

What they know is what they have at hands as daily budget.

Good plan can help in many ways and would make people succeed in life. Big companies always have good plans for their activities, they cannot work outside the plan that they had drawn. It has made many people develop and progress in any activity they were doing. For Christians, if the plan failed, they would say it was not the plan of God. It is because they believed in God and putting everything in the hands of God. Such plans are unique and successful with a lot of benefits.

Which one do you prefer, it depends on how you do and make your plan of action in life. However, education is also a matter for successful plan. Choose what you think is good for you in life.

May God bless us all.

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