Diaspora community donates a mobile clinic in Bor

Mobile Clinic Car that was donated by Pawuoi Clinic on Wheel Van

Jacob Bol Mayar

The diaspora community in Jonglei State donated a mobile clinic in Bor with the aim to serve the people who have no access to public health and promote healthy communities in the State.

Pawuoi Clinic on Wheel Van is a vehicle equipped with hospital materials such as oxygen, consultation room, restroom, and medical store to move from place to place serving the vulnerable people. According to community members, the mobile car will move to different locations such as Nimule, Juba, Mangala Internal Displaced person camp (IDP) and Bor.

 Agany Alier Maketh, the Chief Operation Officer at Pawuoi Clinic on Wheel said that mobile clinic cars will move in different places and serve vulnerable people who are unable to reach health facilities.

“Pawuoi Clinic on Wheel is the vehicle equipped with hospital materials such as offices, consultation room, restroom, medical store. The clinic will not only serve the community of Awulian (Pawuoi) but the clinic will serve every community of Jonglei State such as the people in Mangala, Juba, Nimule, Bor, and Mingakam (Guolyar of Lakes state) for now temporary until the time the services are extended to other regions”. 

He added that the Pawuoi Clinic on Wheel car is expected to start its operation very soon because the Awulian community is yet to be equipped with a medication supply.

Pawuoi Clinic on the wheel is a Non-profitable organization founded in 2020 by Ding Dut Biar who is currently in the United State of America with the aim of providing moving health to the vulnerable people of Pawuoi and Jonglei state at large.

Later month, community members conducted fundraising with all the communities of Jonglei state to supply the clinic on the wheel with medications and anything to help the clinic operate such as hiring doctors and health workers in the clinic soon in Mangala.

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