Diamond Platnumz’s Juba concert ignites a cold war among artistes, fans

By Wek Atak Kacjang

As Diamond’s ‘reunion’ with Zari Hassan is confusing the media and the public in Tanzania, a similar Diamond wave has reached South Sudan, albeit musically.

Last month, K2. promotions excited fans when they announced the rescheduled dates for the Peace Concert that will feature Diamond as the guest artist. These concerts were to have happened earlier in May but were interrupted by Covid-19. However, it was the second part of the communication that caused the uproar, debate and campaigns.

The organizer disclosed that the Wasafi CEO offered two music collaborations with South Sudan artists which sent waves of excitement to the local artists. Music camps started fronting their stars for the collabo of a lifetime with arguably East Africa’s finest. Some artists had already nominated themselves while others left their hopes to sympathizers on social media. The fans on the other side are involved more in cat fights than the theme of the concert, Peace.

To add flames to the fire, a local TV claimed John Frog was already confirmed for a song with Diamond, a news story that did not go well with many fans. He is accused of being a lucky one hit wonder with no talent. Other not so nice things were said. When we contacted K2. to confirm John Frog’s second luck with a Tanzanian heavyweight, he feigned ignorance.

“Those are fake news from Diamond it’s clear that he is not going to do a song with Harmonizer’s boy (John Frog),” cleared K2.

The music promoter said the choice of the artist to work with ‘Simba’ will hinge entirely on musical performance during the concert.

“Diamond was not specific on which artist to work with, he didn’t tell me to select an artist but he said he will pick out an artist during the performance, so after the concert he will do a song with the artist he will have chosen,” he added.

Reports coming in from K2. indicates that Diamond will come with a big team that will comprise of his music producer meaning that the lucky artist (s) will get the chance to record the song (s) in Juba.

With that said, the artists now should be competing for slots to perform at the peace concert to impress the music superstar.

However, Meen Men of Coozo’s Clan is said to have met Diamond while doing some music projects in Tanzania. Right now we can only imagine that he is seriously meditating with the gods to enable him perform and musically get into Diamond’s head.

K2. also revealed that Diamond will put the cost of the audio production while the selected artist will pay for the video cost.

Diamond Platnumz is slated to perform at the Peace Concert that will have two shows, a VIP concert at Freedom hall on 25th December and a general show at Dr. John Garang Mausoleum on 26th December. The Jeje hit maker will be the 3rd Tanzanian artist to perform in Juba after his former protégé turned foe, Harmonize and Mr. Nice (Rafiki).

The 31-year-old has confirmed his big performance in Juba by promoting it on his Social Media handles most recently posting on his Instagram after his performance in Malawi

“South Sudan can’t wait to see you on 25th &26th!!!” he posted.

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