Dialogue committee should include cultures -Governor

The governor of Fangak state has called on the National Dialogue steering committee to include the country’s cultural heritage in the agenda to Protect and Promote Diversity of the South Sudanese.

The official made his remarks while addressing South Sudan community members on how to return peace to the country through cultures at a traditional marriage ceremony held at Star Hotel in Juba on Saturday.

James Kok Ruea said there is need for the National Dialogue steering committee to include cultures in its agenda so as to fight hatred caused by conflict in the country.

He underlined the importance of culture as a means of national identity to promote principles for peace-building and dialogue among the 64 ethnic groups in the country.

Ruea said maintaining and respecting different South Sudanese cultures will help build trust and confidence for peace to prevail in the country.

“It is imperative to raise awareness about the role of cultures in building our national identity,” he said. “Peace would only return if all of us accept each other and unite in love through our cultural diversity”.

He said Inter-marriages and promotion of cultural dances are the only ways to mitigate the strong feeling of tribalism which he said is seen as stumbling block to peace.

The governor encouraged young people to marry from any tribe rather than restricting themselves within their own tribe, saying inter-marriages will build trust and confidence among citizens.

He called on all stakeholders to preach about the importance of cultures as unifying factor in the country.

Paul Dhel Gum, the acting Chairperson for Relief and Rehabilitation Commission advised youth not to misunderstand their married partners while chatting with them on social media saying Facebook should not be used as platform for discussing marriage issues or divorce.

“I want to tell all the young people who are getting married not to get angry when they see their partners chatting with friend on face book,” he said. “I tell you face book can just connect you with anyone that you don’t know but cannot be taken for creating problems in the family”.

He said that there is need for young people to widen their understanding on use of online media by writing and posting things that are useful to communities.

Gum urged young people to adapt the spirit of unity and social interaction through inter-marriages to maintain the identity of South Sudanese.

By Moses Gum Degur


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