Electricity is important in our daily lives in a modern society and in developed countries. All necessary functions may stop when energy supply is interrupted. However, residents of Juba have continued to struggle without energy since 2012 when the government power disappeared from the city. Energy is the basic necessity for economic development of any country. Therefore, for South Sudan to develop, there must be a reliable energy to attract foreign investors. Both agricultural and industrial production cannot develop with electricity. The modern days are more dependent on the use of electrical energy which is almost becoming part of our lives. The launch of Power Plant in Mangalla County yesterday may look small to some people who often focus at negative things. It is always important to appreciate the step taken in the development of our country because even Rome was not built in one day. The big cities some of us have visited like Tokyo and Paris were not built in one day. It took those citizens more than 70 years to reach that level. However, any step we take in development like the launch of the Power Plant should give us the strength to do more. If the government can deliver to citizens a major project each year then our motto of prosperity would not remain just a slogan. Citizens are in dire need of services such as clean drinking water, electricity and better roads and this is the primary responsibility of the government to provide such services to its citizens. Many times we tend to over blame the circumstances or the situation for our failure to deliver.  It is now time for government to wake up and start doing real work for their citizens.   

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