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Development agenda needs strong Parliament -Chol

By Kidega Livingstone           

The National Parliament needs to be strong for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals and achievement of good governance in the country, said Timothy Tot Chol Acting Speaker of Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA).

The Sustainable Development Goals is a policy the United Nations and UN agencies have developed in order for the UN member States to incorporate into the development agenda of the countries.

Chol said the parliament plays vital role in engaging, collecting and presenting the views and needs of the citizens countrywide.

“Some people within South Sudanese society including well educated individuals think that the role of parliament is restricted to legislative laws only, however in reality parliament play an important role in the lives of the nation,” he said. He was speaking during familiarization workshop for Members of Parliament on implementation of Sustainable Development Goals organized by Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO).

He said for such agenda to be implemented, it does not require lack of political will, lack of resources and negative cultural practices.

Chol said a nation cannot achieve the implementation of (SDGs) in the absence of good governance.

“Sustainable development cannot be achieved without search for human rights, respect of rule of law and gender equality because if the principles are not in your development agenda, then there is a question mark, hence these development goals are interconnected, interrelated and complemented,” Chol said.

Meanwhile the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Peter Bashir Gbandi said parliamentarians should engage actively in development agenda as they play major roles in sustainable development agenda.

He said it is very important for members of parliament to rearrange themselves and come up with aims and objectives for the implementation of SDGs for South Sudan.

“SDGs as I know covered a lot of issues such as eradication of poverty, improvement of health, education, combating climate change all other issues and if the World become a global village there is need for us to realise our national agenda termed as Global Agenda 230,”said Minister Gbandi.

However, the Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), Edmund Yakani said they pick up the issue of SDGs in order to sit together with members of parliament to discuss how the government can achieve them.

“As an organization, we feel that it is our collective responsibility to work together for better nation that all belong to as our nation South Sudan,” said Yakani.



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