Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Proper knowledge and good learning are not only received in the classroom.  Once upon a time one of my journalism lecturers told me no sorry (us) that if you want to excel and be a good scribe, be an all-rounder and must be keen to listen to topics and discussions around you. He told us that one has to be courageous and frank when facing any newsmaker or personality and above all must always be ready to learn not in the classroom but even in events and other gatherings. One Thursday evening l was privileged to be the company of some of the best academic figures in the region. The event was somewhere in the rooftop of a hotel hosted by a visiting Professor, Njenga Munene, the Vice-Chancellor of Zetech University, a private institution of higher learning in Kenya who was on an education mission in South Sudan. He had invited professional colleagues including Prof. John A. Akec and Prof. Aggrey Lei Abate, among high top educationists. Notable among them was also the founder and chairperson of the privately-owned Starford University Dium Cyer Cyer Deng.  I was one of the invited guests and like my always habit kept my eyes and ears open to interesting topics from these fellows known being bookworms. I really enjoyed my being with them and learned a number of things from them. It was interesting to know that although they came from different localities, these people at one time or another had worked and/or attended same college in pursuant of their higher learning recognition. How sweet it is that education can bring same knowledge together even after decades of separation. Although all topics and discussions were based on education and its success, l had to join and be relevant to the discussion and be able to be present. I sat on the same table with the three professors and one of my professional colleague friends, Moiga Nduru, the Commissioner for Information Commission whom we related very well before the educationists started educating us on the long journey they had walked to reach where they are today. True they jointly wanted to improve education in the vast region starting by this country where they intend to have and improve on the hospitality and tourism sectors. They will be soon establishing that college at the University of Juba. Hopefully, they will have the goodwill since they have shown the will to move forward and do it. One thing l should not forget l did not know that l was recognized by these top professors until they recognized my presence in their address to the audience.  Journalists are “public-shy”or mentioned when it comes to being noticed  I will always thank my stars but mostly skill of inter-relating and being an all-rounder at any given time all the time. This is important and is the only way we should all follow. For the good professors, l am always there for your mission as long as God keeps me alive and still cracking my fingers on the buttons or keys of my laptop.

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