Deputy Minister raps media over professionalism

By Nema Juma


The government has decried lack of professionalism among local media practitioners.

Information Deputy Minister Lily Albino Akol said lack of professionalism results in wrong reporting and editing.

“Many of you journalists throw this question to us every day that is there freedom of expression in South Sudan, I am also throwing this question back to you journalists is there professional journalism in South Sudan?, she posed.

Lily said that there is no professional and ethical reporting by journalists and editors in the country.

Lily was addressing a media workshop organized by Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) and the Media Authority and funded by UNESCO.

She said the media and the government always clashed because of lack of professionalism.

“This workshop is timely to address this issue because before putting government accountable, you should put your house in order,” Lily told the journalists.

Lily emphasized that any professional job like journalism cannot work without ethic.

She appealed to the media to do a lot of work during the ongoing implementation of the peace process.

“Reporting should focus on stability, harmony and unity. You should not come with the story saying that a certain tribesman men killed a certain tribesman.  You always do that in your reporting. You define people by their community and tribe which is inciting,” Ms. Lily added.

However in an interview, the Editor in Chief of the Juba Monitor newspaper, Anna Nimirano said that most of the professional journalists left the country because of many reasons.

“Some said that they were harassed and also because of the war, some said that their lives were at risk.”

“Others left their jobs because they are paid less so when they get a good paying job, they leave their profession,” Anna added.

She also stated that the country lacked institutions to train and build capacity of journalists.

“If the government says journalists are not professional, let them build their capacity, let them initiate institutions that can build the capacity of journalists,” Anna added.

She further said that some individuals have poor journalism background but they claim to be journalists.


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