Deplorable conditions at Training centers

By: Sheila Ponnie

A trainer at Rejaf Police Training Centre where some of the Unified police were undergoing training has described the training conditions at the center as appalling.

With eight days left to the formation of the Unity Government, the training and deployment of the unified forces has not started yet.

On Tuesday, Juba Monitor reporter joined the Revitalized Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) in a visit to Rejaf training Centre and observed that the situation was not conducive.

Rejaf training Centre is one of the eighteen training centers for the Unified forces. The facility accommodates over 7,000 government and opposition forces and other Political parties.

The forces were brought from various states as part of the training of the unified forces.

Brig Yasir Leone Sikondeno, chief instructor at Rejaf Unified forces police training center said though training was almost done, they were operating under worst conditions.

“The recruits here don’t have shoes, they are not in the same uniforms, and they don’t have sport wears. They are being trained in their own clothes which is not professional,” Sikondeno said.

He said for the last one month, they have been struggling with the issue of lack of food, fuel, firewood and transportation to the hospital facility.

Training is almost done, what are they going to be graduated in that manner or they are going to be given uniforms?

“These people are in need of food. Even the little food that we have, when it is time for cooking, saucepansare not enough for cooking, even plates for putting in food are not there. One has to eat while others wait to use the same plant that the rest are using for eating. We really need help,” he said.

He said the food left in the store would only sustain them for three days and “we don’t know what next when the food is over.”

The RJMEC interim Chairperson Augostino SK. Njoroge said the situation in Rejaf training center begs a lot of questions despite the fact that the facility is a government institution.

“I want to really thank those who have been doing this training because others would have given up,” he said.

“When you go to any training institutions you expect to find people in uniform, training in boots and it will look like it is a government project, now this does not look like a government project.”

Njoroge said that the reports they have been given have been exaggerated

“It is very sad indeed that we will sit and wait to be given those reports training is going on with a lot of exaggeration,” he said.

“The troops are really not ready for graduation, if they’re ready how do they graduate without boots and uniforms and yet this is the beginning.”

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