DEMOLITIONS, Seven days for Airport Road tenants

By Elia Joseph Loful

Owners of buildings near the Crown Hotel Road and Hai Gabat residential area have seven days to vacate their premises or face forceful demolitions.

Authorities of Juba City Council yesterday issued a seven-day ultimatum to the occupants to demolish their structures and buildings.

Eelier this month Jubek State Governor Augustino Jadalla Wani and Juba City’s Deputy Mayor Thiik Thiik Mayardit visited the area to assess the condition of the damaged road scheduled for rehabilitation.

The authorities said the about one-and-half kilometer stretch of road connecting Juba International Airport will be reconstructed and expanded.

Addressing the media during the second phase of assessing and marking the road on Thursday, Acting Mayor for Juba City Council Silvestor Omini Bala ordered those who have constructed along the road to vacate immediately or risk losing their properties.

“I want to tell anybody whose house is on the road reserve to move away before we forcefully remove them,” Omini said.

“Anyone who wants to see what is going on should go to Crown Hotel to witness the work. And we have given these people seven days to remove their properties before we demolish their buildings.”

He cautioned the Eyat Construction Company, the firm contracted against doing shoddy job. The firm is the same company that did the damaged section of the road last year before it got damaged shortly.

“I am telling EYAT Company that we are tired of roads that are constructed today and tomorrow it gets spoiled. We need from you quality work. Quality work means you have qualified engineers and good equipment,” Omini cautioned.

Dr. Daniel Wani, a civil engineer at Eyat Construction Company said the second phase of the road inspection by Juba City Council Authorities was an intervention to remove some obstacles that prevented the company from expediting the work.

“The purpose of this visit today is to remove all the obstacles, which stopped us from starting the work. We actually started the work, but this area we are working here could not allow us to move forward,” Wani said.

He said they approached the leadership of the City Council to intervene on the ground since some people had shown resistance to vacate their properties.

Wani assured the public that the company has created a bypass that will help the motorists to access the airport as work continues at the site.

Meanwhile Thiik Thiik Mayardit, the Deputy Mayor for Infrastructure said with the final assessment done, works will start immediately.

He revealed that some part of Crown Hotel fence will be affected as part of the expansion.

In an earlier statement to the press, Minister of Physical Infrastructure of Jubek State, Francis Swaka said there will be no compensation to the affected property owners.

“Those people who have built on the road must face the consequences,” Swaka had said.








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