DEMOLITION-To continue new mayor promise

By Yiep Joseph

The newly sworn in Mayor of Juba City Council yesterday promised to continue with the demolition process started by the former Mayor as a move to improve infrastructural development in the City.

When Michael Lado Thomas Allah-Jabu took oath of office to replace his predecessor Kalisto Lado, the incoming top city administrator promise to continue with the demolition and other developmental programs

“Demolition and other programs of keeping Juba city clean will continue as normal” Lado promised.

“No slumber as the aim is to make the capital city, one of the best” he said.

He also promised to work hand in hand with the state Governor and the line ministries in order to realize developments needed in the city.

“Iam assuring you that I will be working closely with you and your office for the success of Juba City Council as well as our state” he stressed.

“I promise to deliver on my duties in accordance with the mandate of Juba City Council as stipulated by the local government        Act 2009, I also promise to work as a team to deliver services to our people without discrimination”he added.

“I will also cooperate with all our City stakeholders, businessmen, investors and line Ministries, together with other related government Institutions”he expressed.

Meanwhile Emanuel Adil Anthony the Governor of Central Equatoria State reaffirmed that the demolition would continue in the city

“Please continue with the opening up of the roads, I do not want this program to stop let it continue then you reorganize the market.Iam told there is a good plan so let it continue but very important you coordinate with the line Institutes the ministry of housing and the ministry of roads know the dimensions of the roads so that you do not victimize people” he explained.

He called on the new Mayor to be analytical in handling issues pointing out that any wrong step taken in the city council affects the country.

He called on the city council officials to be friendly to the public in order to maintain good image for central Equatoria state.

Adil called on the City Council and the public to plan trees and encourage those activities meant to keep Juba City clean and green.

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