A foot for thought

Demolition of houses in Juba

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

These days Juba City Mayor is making adjustments on the roads within Juba City. In Kator near Primary Health Center (PHC}, there were marks put on some houses and electricity poles so that the owners of those houses evacuate within the time given.

Some people were not cooperative with Mayor; they were thinking that their houses were demolished during the demarcation. Not knowing that those demarcations were done long time ago and many people didn’t follow the system. Others built houses without engineers to demarcate the areas.

Numerous people built houses and had taken part of the space from the roads for their own business, without knowing that in the future it would affect them. However, it would move their business and will force them to look for another place outside the house. What Mayor Kalisto Ladu doing is part of development in the city.  If we need good roads, we can accept such demolition to happen in the areas. That is the motto of progress in any country in the world. The developed countries had gone through the same system until they reached to the level of development in the country. Let us support Mayor in what he is doing; it is to all of us. Jubek state is one of the oldest states, by this time it should have developed to a certain level.

Time has come for us to take step with all the conditions we have, let us join hands and make development in our locations.

What is not clear was other residential areas now turned to business places for example, Nimira Talata starting from Kokora road coming to Malakia. City administration is supposed to make adjustment of the areas to show that those places are part of the houses and no longer residential, they are business places.

If the system is already there, that is much better including upgrading other areas which were fourth classes to become third classes and so many more.

May God bless us all.

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